Life Insurance with an Independent Agent

Why Compass Financial?

We provide customized service at the best possible price. As an independent agent we are able to offer the best price from multiple companies. 

Is price the only thing that matters?

Look for a guaranteed level product from a carrier with strong financial ratings. Conversion is another area we look into. Conversion gives you the ability to convert your Term Life insurance into a permanent policy. More and more companies are removing benefits you would expect to have to lower cost. We make sure to avoid these products so we know what we are getting without any surprises.

How much coverage do I need?

 When determining the amount of coverage you should have, a review of your personal circumstances is helpful. A financial review is part of our philosophy and something we do at no charge. Some of the factors are your family, mortgage, debts, and savings.  

Is a medical exam required?

 A basic paramedical exam is required for most term life products. As a general rule there is no cost to you for the exam. The exam is very simple and takes approximately 15-20 minutes. The examiners will typically request a blood and urine specimen, take your blood pressure and ask questions concerning your medical history.  

How long does the application process take?

Once we receive your application and the paramedical exam has been done, approvals typically occur within one month. Longer periods can occur if scheduling your medical exam is delayed or if your medical history from your physician must be ordered. Never cancel your existing policy until you are approved, have reviewed and accepted your new policy 

Should I cancel my current coverage?

NO! Coverage is not in force until approved, you accept the policy and payment is made. As many things can happen during the application process we never advise cancelling a policy until the new policy is confirmed to be "In-Force"